Monday, September 5, 2011

Session 1 - Discussion Points

Q1: Can one determine the typical “interpreter personality” through research? If so, does this MBTI study inform that debate?

Q2: What do you consider to be the a) most valid findings b) greatest failings in this study?

Q3: What do you think of the links the author draws between culture/language and personality type (e.g. the “inscrutable Asian”; French joie de vivre …)?

Q4: Does inquiry into the “interpreter personality” need to take into account mode (sim vs. consec vs. liaison), conference vs. community interpreting, staff vs. freelance status, etc.?

Q5: Might different cultural contexts require different interpreter personalities? If so, how does one account for the fact that interpreters’ work is cross-cultural?

Q6: Should personality type be tested by schools screening applicants for interpreter training programs?
These questions are courtesy of @InterpDiaries (Twitter ID).

The text to be discussed is available here.

What is #IntJC and how to participate are covered here.

The date for this first session is September, Saturday 10th, starting from 10 pm Tokyo time.

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